Algeria is the most fascinating country you never thought of visiting. There are not many destinations left in the world that still possess an edgy cachet, that showcase landscapes of rare beauty and promise the joy of discovering ancient sites of world significance. Algeria is such a place and the time to visit is now. Lonely Planet

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Thank you once again for the amazing trip. Algeria is a gem in Africa's crown. The organisation was perfect and the guides were informative and professional.

Anna, Poland, January 2014


Thank you for handling our group tour well. Badjou and Chowki (bus driver) worked really hard and provided many services beyond their role. The group members were happy. Even though many of them had been to unique places like Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan, they still found Algeria interesting. While the tourist infrastructure is poor, we know you’ve given us the best in each location. Algeria itself has a strange culture. I’ve been to so many places in the world but not one like this. An eye-opener.

Peter, Hong Kong, January 2014


Algeria surpassed our already high expectations - a fascinating country with one of the most diverse and compelling landscapes on the planet, and great people who are not yet jaded by the curse of mass tourism. We were thrilled with our tour and guides, and super impressed with Yong's superb management of all the logistics of our trip. We had a great time and hope to be back again soon!"

Murray and Eleanor, UK, December 2013


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