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Tlemcen - the seat of many great Moorish empires from 8th AD to 14th AD. Not surprisingly, it was selected as the Islamic Capital of Culture 2011 by the OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries). Languishing in the backwaters of Algerian tourism, it is now being propelled to the forefront for its rich Islamic history, equalling that of Andalusia. It's also a showcase on the diverse sights of Algeria, besides the traditional Sahara and Roman ruins attraction.

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I was very, very impressed by how knowledgeable and passionate each of the guides that we met were, and quite floored that in some cases it was in self-taught English too. Amin at Tlemcen was a stand-out example, as was Fateh at Djemila. - Petrina, UK

From Ghardaia’s fascinating culture, to Oran, Tlemcen, Constantine, Algiers and the Roman ruins of Tipasa and Djemila, everything was wonderful. The guides at My Unique Holidays are great - friendly, punctual, efficient and knowledgeable. - Allison, UK

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+213664988499 / +213772865187